Chairman's Message

I feel immense pleasure that my dream of establishing a private medical college has become reality. My vision is to make Gazi Medical College a centre of excellence for medical education and research where students from any country can study and become highly qualified doctors with MBBS degree to fulfill their country needs. The doctor-patient ratio is still inadequate in our country of 150 million people and a lot of highly qualified doctors are needed.

Principal's Message

It is my great pleasure to welcome new students to Gazi Medical College for MBBS course. In this college, the students are highly valued as future leaders in health sector and the academic program is well organized. in addition to the academic program, our faculty members are available to the students to provide assistance, support, counseling and give guidance to solve their problems. Sincere efforts are made to attract the students to their places of learning and modern teaching methods are extensively used by the teachers for imparting lessons.